CHAMPION Blood lines on both Sides, Grand Champion on both sides, HOF on both sides they have won at the highest level.
Almost every Bulldog that has placed at westminster dog show carried there carried these blood lines.
Joey has a Correct HUGE HUGE head. Awesome body with a great top line. Joey has very good arch of neck and extremely thick bone. He has the best temperament I've ever seen in a bulldog. Joe is brindle and white, his eyes very dark and his pigment is great. Joe is the product of a strong line breeding which allows his traits to be very dominate in the gene pool.
Harley is a red and white active female that weight 38 pounds. She has black eyes free of any defect. She has a big head, short back with low set tail. Harley has good feet with nice bone. She is definitely the total package. She has a nice roll, Champion blood lines. Harley just turned two years old and this is her first litter.
No long bulldogs here!
Puppies will have a short back and heavy bone its in there Gene pool!
Puppies arrive October 28th, in time for Christmas.
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